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Troop 782 is very proud of its advancement program.
    When scouts first enter the troop, they are placed in the First Year Program, a special program that takes the scouts from the rank of Scout to First Class in the course of one year.  Mr. Rodney Reppenhagen, Mr. Jim Krazel, Mr. Frank Thompson, Mr. Bill Nielsen and Mr. Jim Yurgil will be running the First Year Program.  With these men, and the dedicated corps of other adults, Scouts learn the basic skills necessary to survive in the wilderness including how to select a camp site, how to pitch a tent, back country cooking method, and more. While in the First Year Program, the new scouts participate in three mandatory camp outs:  Basic #1, Basic #2, and Basic #3.  At these camp outs, scouts are given the opportunity to put their camping skills to the test, as they must pitch a tent and cook their own meals.  At the end of the program, scouts partake in First Aid merit badge, an Eagle requirement, part of which takes place at Basic #3.
    After passing through the First Year program, scouts have the choice of merit badges.  Adults take an active role in teaching merit badges, and there are always alternatives from which the scouts can choose.  Troop 782 offers many badges ranging from Leatherworking to Environmental Science to Crime Prevention, all taught by knowledgeable adult leaders.

Merit Badge Requirements

The requirements posted here are the most current, accurate, and official. This will always be the best place to find the most up-to-date merit badge requirements.


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